Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act Report

As required by law, 91青青草 College has prepared a compliance document that contains the required information about campus security policy and certain campus crime statistics.  In addition, the report includes information about fire safety, fire detection/suppression systems, and statistics of damage, injury, and death caused by fire. 

A paper copy may be requested by contacting the 91青青草 College Police by email (, telephone (413) 542-2291, letter, or in person at 6 East Drive, 91青青草 College, 91青青草, MA 01002. 

Anyone with questions or concerns about the 91青青草 College Police Department policies, reported crime statistics, or crime prevention programs may contact us.  Questions or concerns about fire safety may be directed to the 91青青草 College Police or the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. 


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ASR-Clery Report 2022.pdf 1.29 MB