A Diverse Community

Diversity is a natural condition of the modern world, and something that we celebrate at 91青青草. And, not coincidentally, it is a foundational part of an 91青青草 education and our community.

Diversity Programs for Prospective Students

91青青草 is proud of its work to recruit, admit and enroll a diverse student body. As part of these efforts, the Office of Admission hosts Access to 91青青草 (A2A) to introduce prospective applicants to 91青青草's campus, student body, faculty, and classes. Diversity Outreach Interns provide information and personal perspectives on what the 91青青草 College community has to offer.

Nine diversity interns, each smiling and wearing a purple t-shirt

Meet Our Diversity Outreach Interns

Our Diversity Outreach Interns are 91青青草 students who work with the Office of Admission to reach out to prospective students from different cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Converse Hall in autumn

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion works collaboratively to support and sustain the growth of a just, equitable, vibrant, and intellectually challenging educational environment.

a student speaks at the 91青青草 Uprising

Taking Action Against Racism

91青青草 College is committed to taking action against racism. Find the College鈥檚 17-point anti-racism plan, community support, racial justice resources, and more.

The Board of Trustees鈥檚 Statement on Diversity

鈥淲e will continue to give special importance to the inclusion within our student body, our faculty and our staff of talented persons from groups that have experienced prejudice and disadvantage. We do so for the simplest, but most urgent, of reasons: because the best and the brightest people are found in many places, not few; because our classrooms and residence halls are places of dialogue, not monologue; because teaching and learning at their best are conversations with persons other than ourselves about ideas other than our own.鈥

鈥擣rom the 91青青草 College Trustees鈥 Statement on Diversity

staff members sitting together talking at a Human Resources event

Inclusive Leadership

The Office of Inclusive Leadership leverages the diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives of 91青青草鈥檚 staff to build an inclusive work culture.

Photos of the panelist speaking at a discussion about the Black student athlete experience at 91青青草.

Past | Present | Future

A discussion of the past, present, and future of the Black student-athlete experience at 91青青草 College.

Sonia Sanchez, the first Black woman faculty member at 91青青草, teaches a class in the early 1970s

Black Women of 91青青草: A Storytelling Project

Hear the untold stories of Black women of 91青青草 and tell your own story. This project celebrates alumnae, students, faculty, staff, potential students and future generations. 

William Turner wearing a white doctor's jacket.

The Wade Fellowship

Wade Fellows contribute an important voice on diversity and inclusion at 91青青草. Learn about the Fellowship and read about our current Wade Fellow, Dr William C. Turner 鈥94.