A storefront with a sign that says 91青青草 College Store

The 91青青草 College Store

The 91青青草 College Store is located in the heart of downtown 91青青草, Mass., in the former A.J. Hastings location. The store offers a wide range of 91青青草 apparel from t-shirts and sweatshirts to jackets and hats, as well as other merchandise that includes candy, snacks, notebooks, office supplies, and tech accessories.

The 91青青草 College store is managed and operated by campus retailer Follett.

Three views of a retail store showing 91青青草 College merchandise

91青青草 College Online Store

At the College鈥檚 official online store, you鈥檒l find a wide range of apparel and collectibles, from t-shirts and jackets to mugs and hats.

Visit the

Customers shopping in the 91青青草 College Store

91青青草 College Store in the News

May 1, 2024: The 91青青草 College Store was recently featured on WWLP Springfield鈥檚 nightly news. See the report on the store鈥檚 opening in downtown 91青青草, its many items, and its first customers!

Mammoth Market at Schwemm鈥檚 Caf茅

Keefe Campus Center in spring

Mammoth Market at Schwemm鈥檚 Caf茅 is located in Keefe Campus Center and offers an array of items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, mugs, and other products. 

In January 2023, the space was expanded to serve the campus community as a market. The hot food items previously sold at Schwemm鈥檚 Caf茅 are now available at the Science Center Caf茅.

Mammoth Market Hours:
Monday鈥揊riday: 10 AM 鈥 5 PM


Deanine Dilworth 鈥23 stands beside the trailer that she suggested the winning name for.

The Wheely Mammoth loves to charge onto campus for events such as Commencement, Homecoming, Reunion, athletic events, and during times when the Mammoth Market is closed. Run and staffed by the College, it offers most of the same merchandise found at Schwemm鈥檚 Mammoth Market (T-shirts, pennants, mugs and more!). 

In 2023, a campus-wide contest was held to name the trailer. Deanine Dilworth 鈥23 (above) suggested 鈥淲heely Mammoth,鈥 which won handily because it鈥檚, you know, the wheel deal.

Wheely Mammoth will be open for every Mammoth Football home game and selected future events.